Supreme Pillow

  • If you love our cozy, soft micro mink case, but prefer the softness of a down pillow, this is your pillow! This pillow has our incredibly soft, comfortable teddy bear micro mink cover on the outside that is removable and machine washable. Inside the soft cover is a blend of white duck down and feathers to give you an extra soft, squishy feel to your pillow. In the center of the pillow is our standard memory foam core that is huggable, flexible, and lightweight. The memory foam core is the secret to giving you the feel of a down pillow with the support of memory foam in the center so your pillow won't lose shape throughout the night. This foam allows air to pass through and is hypoallergenic and durable to keep you cool and comfortable through the entire night. You get the comfort and support you need in any sleep position. 

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