Snowflake Travel Pillow

  • Our snowflake pillow is the mini, compact version of your favorite Out Cold pillow. It's a smaller version of our best-selling Out Cold contour memory foam pillow. This pillow loves to follow you around and go on adventures. You can keep it in the car for road trips, pack it in your carry on, or just walk around with it when you need a nap. It also has our crafted memory foam core that is huggable, flexible, and lightweight.

    It also works great as a kids bed pillow! It's supportive for their head and neck, while also giving them a comfortable night's sleep. 

    The cover is machine washable and the fabric is cool to the touch! The cooling effect is embedded into the fabric so it will stay as cool as the day you bought it.

    Did we mention it's made here in the USA?


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