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Testimonials & Customer Stories

"I highly recommend 'I Love my Pillow' to all my patients. You get the comfort of a soft pillow along with the extra support to maintain proper spinal development while sleeping. The travel size is also convenient for long trips and works great for my pediatric patients! When looking for a new pillow I will always recommend 'I Love my Pillow'!"
- Dr. Alisha Senechal
"I have been in chiropractic practice for over 25 years in Commerce twp. MI and have tried many different pillows over the years. I had never really become excited about a pillow until I tried “I Love My Pillow”. Previous “memory foam” pillows were too stiff and slow to change form and made me frequently twist and turn to get comfortable. Now, I Love My Pillow! From the first night, several years ago, it has never left my bed. The softer foam allows for a very comfortable sleep from day one, and the quick recovery of its shape allows for continuous support all night long. I have been recommending I Love My Pillow to my patients for years! Keep up the great work!"
- Dr. Rich Sadowski
"...I absolutely love my two new contour pillows! They are the BEST pillows I have ever had and no longer wake up with a stiff/sore neck.  As a chiropractor, this is the ONLY pillow I will recommend to my patients.  I have tried many different types and shapes of pillows over the years, but the 'I Love My Pillow' is the best out there."
- Dr. Steven Gill
Brighton Chiropractic

"To introduce myself, I am a Surgical RN. I have spent the past 38 years in joyfully doing what I was born to do. 
Today I was called back to surgery for an emergency appendectomy on a 20 year old college student in AL. This young lady was a long way from home, being from MA, and all alone since her parents had not arrived prior to the necessary surgery. She brought with her to the operating room only one item that wasn't hospital issued, and that was her pillow.
After she was anesthetized, I removed her pillow and was astounded with how it felt, and the ability to conform it so easily. Immediately, I removed the pillowcase to find the tag or brand! Thanks to your unique marketing, it was easily found! I passed her pillow to other members of the surgical team and all were as impressed I was, (the pillowcase was left on for her safety and privacy.)
I have been searching for YEARS for a comfortable pillow! It has become almost a joke with my friends and family about me not being able to find a pillow that isn't too hard, too soft, too hot, or almost everything!
Needless to say, as soon as I arrived home, I began my search online and much to my dismay found there was not anywhere within 100 miles that sells your pillow! Unfortunately, being a widow and living in the South, RN's do not get paid as well as other areas, so I will have to wait to to purchase my 'i love my pillow' online.
Please do not think I am telling you this for pity or a free pillow, I wanted to encourage you to explore this area regarding finding retailers who would carry your pillows in their stock. It is very rare I find a product that impresses me as quickly as your pillow! I plan to purchase my own as soon as possible!
Thank your for allowing me to express my positive opinion about 'i love my pillow' and I look forward to purchasing my own in the near future. I wish you much success with your product and sincerely hope you expand your marketing into the southern states very soon."
- Jan. February, 2014.


"I have 4 of the fabulous 'I Love My Pillow(s)' in [queen] size. I loved mine so much that I bought my husband and kids each one...
I suffer from frequent migraine headaches. About twice a month I receive IV medications for my headaches. This process takes several hours. I roll my 'I Love My Pillow' up and put it in a backpack along with a blanket of uber soft material and take them with me every time. Having my favorite soft pillow and blanket makes the treatment easier for me if I'm comfortable. I think I've 'sold' a few of the nurses on the pillow too!"
- Cheryl. May, 2012.


"I have slept with an 'I Love My Pillow' for about six months now. I recently had open heart surgery and received it as a gift afterword to help me sleep. It was a MIRACLE! I wanted to share my experience with the pillow and now I am doing a sales presentation on your product. I am a college student from MI, studying at college for the summer semester to make up lost time from taking a semester off from surgery."
- Samantha. May, 2012.


"Some people have said the 'I Love My Pillow' is too firm, but there is a catch. You have to use it for more than one or two nights, however, so that your neck muscles have time to readjust their old memory patterns to a more natural neck alignment with your spine. Your neck may ache somewhat or be a little sore or stiff for a few nights, but then -wham- you will want to take it with you on trips and even into hotel rooms and on trains - it is that good! Since many people tend to sleep on too soft pillows, our necks really get used to being out of alignment, but this pillow will solve that. You just need to stick with it for at least a week or so. It has a better contour design for the head and neck than the much heavier, thicker, and less contoured Tempurpedic you hear so much about. This pillow is also made in Michigan by Michigan workers, and the memory foam is exquisitely better than the Tempurpedic heavy firm memory foam! I have always been a 100% down pillow user, but this pillow is my lifeline to an excellent night's sleep. I know five people who swear by this pillow in addition to me. So don't be put off by one person's impatience, spend the $$ and stick with it for a week or so. It took a long time for your neck muscles to work up poor memory, so it is not asking much to give the pillow a good week of it. Be patient. You will not regret it. But if you do, give it to a friend or family member for good health. I'm betting you will give up almost anything else instead of your 'I Love My Pillow.'"
- Rita. August, 2012.


"I just can’t believe it!  A pillow company that actually tells the truth about their product!  You’ve restored my faith in 'truth in advertising' – I have NEVER in my life fallen in love with a pillow after one night; usually it takes 3 to 4 nights to get used to something new.  Well, not the case here.  I actually woke up this morning with the ‘knife in the neck’ feeling totally gone.  It doesn’t look like anything special, and as a matter of fact, it’s a little heavier than most ordinary pillows, but this is no ordinary pillow.  Whatever you guys did, you did good…thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I’ll probably order a second one next month just to make my bed have that ‘consistent’ look but for the time being, I’m happy as a puppy.
Thank you for all you do…"
- Susan. April, 2012.


"I received the pillow and wow! Now I can officially say 'I love my pillow!' It is awesome. I didn’t expect to like it because I like soft down pillows but hate how I have to keep fluffing it throughout the night so this one rocks! I’ll definitely be referring anyone to your site that is looking for a great pillow."
- Tara. June, 2013.